Connecting Point

Connecting Point Jan 1, 2023

One of my favorite titles for the Blessed Mother is “Woman Wrapped in Silence.” A friend made a beautiful sketch of “Woman Wrapped in Silence.” It hangs in my prayer room where I can reflect on it daily.

The title comes from the passage in Luke’s gospel we hear on the
feast of “Mary, the Mother of God.” In that passage, at Jesus’ birth, the shepherds and others were running around in amazement at the glorious events. Mary, however, went beyond the amazement, she wrapped herself in silence and “pondered these things in her heart.”

It is good for us, in order to understand the meaning of the events of Christmas, and where God may be leading us through them, to do the same.

Let’s get away from all the noise and running around of this season and take time for silent reflection, pondering in our hearts the readings we hear and the rituals we celebrate this season. I like to take several minutes each day during the Christmas season (which does not end until January 9) to sit silently before my manger scene, reflecting on where God is leading me.

The heart is where we connect with God, with other people and all of creation. It is where our lives are transformed. It is in the heart where we find meaning and purpose in life. The true meaning of this season is rich, and goes beyond such simple slogans as “Jesus is the Reason for the Season.” The events of that first Christmas speak differently to us each year. They speak to us in the depths of our heart.

Mary is our model of discipleship. Disciples of Jesus constantly reflect on what following him demands at this time in our lives. Mary teaches us that, to do so, we must take time daily, even for just two or three minutes, to wrap ourselves in prayerful silence. To do so would make for a perfect New Year’s resolution.

Happy New Year