Connecting Point

Connecting Point Jan 8, 2023

So many times in our lives we grow with the need to be like everyone else. We forget that by being unique we have so much more to offer one another. So many of life’s experiences are enriched because we share them with people who think differently than us. This causes us to do and see things in a different way.

Today is the Epiphany where the Magi share with the world that Jesus is the Son of God. The gospel shows the Magi coming together because of their gift from God, the study of astronomy, led them to see the message sent in the night sky. A star had risen and they needed to find the newborn king. I found it interesting that they used all their gifts, interests, and talents to understand God’s message. They were intent on guiding each other to Jesus.

I had a youth one day tell me about a lonely man who would come into the hockey arena during practice. The man never had any food. The next time the youth went to practice he bought an extra sandwich, chips and drink. He shared his lunch with the lonely man. He used his gift of empathy to give back and bring another to Jesus.

We are the ones who carry the light, who are called to be welcoming, and we are asked to give our gifts and talents back to Jesus. God has given each of us our own gifts and it is through these gifts that He sends us messages. He may call us at any time to use our talents in the workplace, at church, in other unexpected places or even in our own home. When you hear God call, will you use your gifts to guide others to Jesus?

Ann De Rey
Faith Formation Director
St. Isidore Church