Connecting Point

Connecting Point: March 12, 2023

Too many times we walk away from a difficult person or situation which we are unfamiliar. We may feel their despair or recognize their fear, yet we tell ourselves that what we see and what we feel is based on someone trying to trick us. Or, we tell ourselves by helping the individual we are not encouraging them to improve themselves and so we offer no hope.

The story of the woman at the well shows us a person who is a result of a society that cared very little for those that struggled to survive. Alone in the world, she did what she had to at a time in human history that offered little hope that her life could change. Then she meets Jesus at the well. A woman, a Samaritan, who is shun by society for trying to survive when they could have helped her. Still she overcomes her doubts and offers Jesus water from the well and, in turn, he offers her the living water of eternal life. As a result, she and many others came to know that Jesus is the Savior.

Like the woman at the well, we all cope with feelings of fear, doubt, and uncertainty. We feel that we are the last person on earth to be a disciple of Christ. Yet Jesus showed us that we have an infinite capacity to offer hope. He did not discriminate or questioned a person’s need when he went in to help. He did it freely and without concern showing that hope does not disappoint. We too can help others by sharing the hope of the glory of God.

I searched for, “Why is Hope a Powerful Word?” and this is what I found:

“It’s a powerful word that inspires millions of people in many different languages. Hope has moved people out of untenable situations into better lives, and has helped humans stay alive long enough to figure out how to thrive. Hope is huge.”

What hope of the glory of God will you offer to someone this week?

Ann De Rey
Faith Formation Director, St. Isidore Church