Connecting Point

Connecting Point: March 5, 2023

Perhaps we were taught as children that the church building was a place to encounter God and that we should go there whenever possible. But as we grew older, some of us drifted from the Church for a variety of reasons and haven’t darkened the doors of a church building since. You may have done this or know of someone in your circle of family and friends who have not been to a church service of any kind for years, if not decades.

But the church building is not the only place to experience God. Some have found God in creation; others have found God in their service activities. Still others have found God in music or art. But sadly, some people have chosen NOT to find God. They believe that “God is in the church, but I’m not welcome there, so I’ll leave God alone.”

As Catholics, we believe that God is present to us in the Mass and especially in the Eucharist. For this reason, we reserve the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle. But do we take the time to see God outside of the church building? The truth is, God is everywhere. Do we try to find God when we go to the grocery store, get gas for the car, attend our child’s sporting event or when we walk the dog? Do we listen to God’s voice speaking to us through others? Do we challenge ourselves to see God in and around us? Or have we relegated God’s place to only the church building?

Today’s readings remind us that God is found all around us, but we need to be attentive to his presence by consciously and deliberately making room for God wherever we are. Abram found God in the land of his kinsfolk, in the journey to the new land, and where he eventually settled. The disciples found God on the top of Mount Tabor as well as down by the Sea of Galilee. Paul found God through his experiences of preaching and even when he was persecuted by others.

God is present and if we allow ourselves the luxury of making room for him, we will be truly blessed. I encourage you during this Lent to make room for God. Allow God to be a part of your daily experiences. Allow God to speak to you through others. Allow God to
be a part of your journey in life. And wherever your journey takes you, make a place for God.

— Msgr. John Kasza