Where are the dark places in my life that need light?

This week’s Gospel reading discusses the Transfiguration of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The word “transfigured” comes from the Greek word “metamorpho.” It is a verb that can mean to literally change the outside to match the inside. In the case of the transfiguration of Jesus Christ, it was Christ himself whose outward image changed to match his inward reality.

We are all born in the image of God and each of us is given dignity and initial justification from the Creator. We are each imprinted with a conscience and are drawn to find happiness in the Lord.

But we are also human and the Lord gave us the freedom to choose. Sometimes our choices in life can cause us sorrow or shroud our hearts in darkness. Many of us may even struggle with anxiety or suffer from depression. Yet through prayer, adoration, Scripture reflection and support from the Church community, we can all be reminded that the light is always there.

Just as Christ revealed his outer physical glory, we too can let the inner light that the Lord places in us out and show it to the world. As radical evangelists, we can spread the Light of Christ and help others fighting with “darkness” to transform and let their inner light shine on the outside.


Connecting Point: March 24, 2019