How can I adjust my attitude to be a more positive influence on others?

Be Positive!

I remember one of the first cell phones that I ever purchased allowed users to input a simple slogan so when you turned the phone on this preprogrammed slogan would pop up.  I chose my pop up slogan to be “Be Positive”.  My hope was to start my day by reinforcing a positive attitude.  Stating this or saying it is simple, living in a positive manner is a completely different notion altogether, yet we are called to live our lives with great positivity.  We have little chance of drawing someone into the mission of church if we are short-tempered or rude, but if we can become beacons of positivity in our circle of friends we will draw them closer to Christ.  The Pope once tweeted that “The Church does not grow through proselytism, but by attraction.”  This means that no matter what we say we can’t convert someone unless our lives are lived in an authentic manner.  I hope that we each find ways to adjust our attitudes when they are poor so that our positivity, a positivity that is based on the fact that our Lord walked this earth and ultimately died for us, can draw others closer to Him.  I pray that our Lenten journey allows each of us an opportunity to reflect on this and to have the wisdom and strength to act upon it.   Let’s live by the simple slogan “Be Positive”.

Connecting Point: March 24, 2019