Connecting Point: November 22, 2020

Many of us have watched an episode of “Undercover Boss.” The show has the CEO or owner of the company disguise themselves as a new employee assigned to learn different aspects of someone’s job. After a few weeks on the job, all the employees are gathered together and the CEO reveals themselves to the employees. Most are shocked to find out the identity of a person who had worked with them for a few weeks. Some are rewarded for their integrity, while others may be terminated.

In today’s gospel, we learn from Jesus what is on our final exam before we are invited to join Him in heaven. There’s no denying what is expected of us. We are asked to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, care for the sick and visit those who are in prison. We can’t be expected to give everything to the poor but maybe we can find a happy medium, helping when we can. Often, we neglect the poor because we choose to spend our money on ourselves or on something we enjoy.

Our actions, our living lives that mirror the generosity and kindness shown to those who are in need will stand as an example of the kingdom here on earth.

We ask ourselves if we will take advantage of knowing the questions on the test ahead of time.

Connecting Point: November 29, 2020