Connecting Point: November 29, 2020

As we enter this new liturgical year, we cannot help but become reluctantly excited for Christmas that is now just four weeks away. However, during this season of preparation, we are reminded that we aren’t just preparing to meet Jesus at Christmas, but also when he comes at the end of time.

We are reminded in both the first reading from Isaiah and the gospel to be alert and ready. This is nothing new though; we hear these words all the time. So what does it mean to be watchful, alert, and ready? Isaiah gives us the answer:

Would that you might meet us doing right,
that we were mindful of you in our ways!

If Christ came today, and there was a snapshot of your life, what would that look like? Would Christ see angry social media posts, and distancing from friends and family who do not agree with your political or social views? Or would He see you reaching out in kindness to others, spreading the gospel message of love?

As we prepare ourselves for Christ at Christmas and at the end, let’s take that snapshot of our life right now and see if we are ready to show it to Christ or if we need to change the way we think and respond to better prepare ourselves for Him.

Connecting Point: December 6, 2020