Connecting Point: October 3, 2021

Jesus had a knack for relationships. He knew relationships were not 50/50, they were 100/100, but that did not necessarily mean enabling certain destructive behaviors. Inter-personal conflicts frequently result from an imbalance of self-focus. There are two sides to every coin and the true value cannot exist without the whole.

Jesus always encouraged and supported the goodness within each person as created by God. He knew that his Father didn’t make junk and that there is a divine plan for everyone.

Reflecting on both Christ’s interactions with the people in scripture as well as insights gained from various conferences, books and thoughtful discussions, here are some gems that have been helpful in reflecting light on situational/relational struggles:

  • Love one another…even those most difficult to love.
  • Seek first to understand, then to be understood.
  • Do not judge and do not condemn.
  • During an argument about who is “right,” mustering the patience to say, “You could be right about that” goes a long way to diffuse anger and acknowledge the other person’s opinion.

Fr. Ron shared a great quote he recently heard at a wedding: “When you are wrong, admit it. And when you are right, shut up.”

Share mercy; forgive always.

Connecting Point: October 10, 2021