Connecting Point: September 26, 2021

In this week’s gospel, John runs to Jesus to tell him about someone who is “driving out demons” in Jesus’ name. In today’s language we might say that John is tattling on this person. Jesus responds by telling John not to stop him. The disciples have a special responsibility to proclaim the Kingdom of God, but it does not exclude others from heeding the same call to make the signs of the Kingdom visible.

Sometimes we look at other churches and see the comparison as an us-vs-them. However, all denominations are doing great things in the name of Christ, and we should be celebrating that. Many other denominational and non-denominational churches do a lot of really great things from leading an engaging worship experience, to making the congregation feel like family, and especially to outreach efforts. We can really learn and apply a lot of their best practices if we want to keep the Catholic Church relevant, inviting, and engaging today and for future generations.

Additionally, there are great opportunities for us to collaborate with our brothers and sisters of other denominations. Here at St. Isidore, there are things we are already doing to collaborate such as service opportunities and Run the Plank which involves both Immanuel and St. Peter Lutheran churches.

Our Advent Series that we’ve done in the last several years has always featured a pastor from another denomination as well. There is a lot we can learn from other Christians, and we should take more time to sit down, discuss, and learn from each other. By doing so, we will see we share more commonalities than differences. What will you do to better collaborate with other Christians?

Connecting Point: October 3, 2021