Connecting Point

Connecting Point: September 2, 2018

“How does my instinct to criticize others limit my awareness?”

Sometimes the noise of everyday life can blind us to the positive ways many things are changing around us.  It’s easier to want to criticize when we see something new happening that makes us uncomfortable.  But what if the change is truly for the best?  What if we open our minds and increase our awareness to the situation? Could we find that the new ways may bring us greater happiness and comfort?

In today’s reading the disciples are trying to navigate between what they believe in the Jewish faith and what Jesus is bringing.  Jesus challenges his disciples and all of us to take a look at how things have always been and ask ourselves, could there be another way?  Jesus teaches us to be open to the Spirit and to focus on what is truly important.

As the Catholic Church continues to evolve we are challenged to pray and hear what the Holy Spirit is calling us to do as we bring the gospel to life.  Who we are as a church, what we believe, and how we respond to criticism has to begin from within where God dwells. The Spirit calls us to look beyond our discomforts and allow ourselves to open our minds to a greater awareness.  In a world that is constantly transforming and life-giving we need to be open to what God is offering.