Connecting Point: September 22, 2019

How does prayer guide me to do the right thing?

We learn to pray at certain moments by hearing the Word of the Lord and sharing in his Paschal mystery, but his Spirit is offered us at all times, in the events of each day, to make prayer spring up from us. (CCC2659).

During the everyday experience of our lives, we are given opportunities to seek God through prayer. One of my favorite saints (St. Anthony) is on the top of my list of saints that I turn to when I need help, especially when I’ve lost or need “divine intervention” to find something I’ve misplaced.

The Christian family is the first place for education in prayer. (CCC 2694). It is at home that we first learn the need and value of a quiet conversation with God. Find a comfortable space where you (or the whole family) can pray.

Prayer in the events of each day and each moment is one of the secrets of the kingdom revealed to “little children,” to servants of Christ, to the poor of the Beatitudes. It is helpful to bring prayer into humble, everyday situations.

As St. Paul tells us: “Pray constantly.” (1Thess 5:17).        

-Deacon Tom      

Connecting Point: September 29, 2019