Connecting Point: September 15, 2019

How can my living attract someone who is lost?

I remember when I was in my twenties someone asked me what I thought was the most attractive feature of a woman. Without hesitation, I stated I am attracted to confident women who exude kindness. The people I was with laughed as I believe they were expecting a different type of answer. To this day, the people I am most attracted to are the people who live their lives in an authentic manner, living with joy. Who isn’t attracted to this type of person? Pope Benedict XVI once said that our “Church grows through attraction, not proselytism.” As Christians we are called to live in a manner consistent with the Good News of the Gospel. It is through this joyous living we will draw others to the Lord. Can you imagine if we used every encounter of every day to show our love for Christ? Verbal exchanges at the gas station, grocery store, movie theater, etc., would all be opportunities to draw people closer to Him. Assisting others with tasks would be grace filled moments. Let us keep this in mind as we go about our week. I pray that each of us realize the powerful fact we may be the only Bible that others read—ever. Let us allow our living to provide guidance to those who are lost. And, when we ourselves feel lost, let us lean on the loving grace of our Lord for comfort.

-Chris Kozlowski

Connecting Point: September 22, 2019