Connecting Point: September 6, 2020

If you are like me, you have noticed that disagreements rarely if ever, get settled on Facebook or other social media platforms.  Likewise, pundits rarely if ever, reach agreement when featured on discussion panels.  I think one could argue that many, if not most, people have lost the ability to confront in a loving, sincere manner.   

One of the many beauties of scripture, is the underlying truth contained within is timeless.  This weekend, in Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus offers us a pathway to confront.  The ultimate goal of the confrontation Jesus mentions, is to unite the community in righteousness.  Calling out someone else on their mistake is easy to do, but our Connecting Point for this week is centered on how we can be proactive in seeking reconciliation, calling out our own mistakes and lovingly approaching the person we have wronged.  If this seems counter cultural, it is.  As Christians, we are called to live in a counter cultural manner.  We can’t change the world on our own, but we can make a commitment to take an action that starts the reconciliation process, thus changing our “world” for the better.  Let us use this week to identify who in our life we need to approach, and pray for the courage to seek reconciliation.  

Connecting Point: September 13, 2020