Connecting Point: September 8, 2019

How can I rely more on God’s wisdom and less on my own?”

We live in a time when knowledge and information are easily accessible. If you want to find information on almost anything, just go to the internet. But where do we go to find wisdom?

KNOWLEDGE is the accumulation of facts and information. WISDOM is the synthesis of information and facts with our life experience, giving us a deeper understanding of relationships and the meaning of life. Wisdom is the ability to judge what is true, right, lasting, and applicable to our life. We rely on wisdom to live meaningful and truly joyful lives, But whose wisdom do we rely on, our own, or God’s. Whose wisdom do we want to be led by? I choose God’s wisdom over my own.

We believe that God’s wisdom is revealed in Sacred Scripture and embodied by Jesus. Reading and studying Scripture is essential to tapping into God’s Wisdom. We must also take time to meditate on Scripture, relating it to how we are living our lives. We seek God’s wisdom by opening our hearts in prayer. Many cultures refer to the elders in their community as “wisdom people”. They are the ones who have learned to rely on God’s wisdom and share that wisdom with us. We are gifted when we listen to them and follow their witness. God wishes to give His wisdom to His children. Are we willing to receive God’s wisdom, rely on it, and be led by it?

-Fr. Ron

Connecting Point: September 15, 2019