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Homebound Ministers to the Sick

One of the Corporal Acts of Mercy is to visit the sick. During this past 18 months finding people who are sick isn’t all that difficult. There are many sick people, and not just due to the COVID virus and the variants of the virus. Our parish is getting older, and the older we get, the more susceptible to illness we become. Also, the older we get it seems the lonelier we get. This is due to many factors; small families or no family, and our friends who have also gotten older, have either died or are in assisted living facilities. What is difficult for us as a church is to find people who would like to minister to the sick.

This is a very rewarding ministry. Our home ministers take Communion, the bulletin and their presence to the homebound, the sick, those in assisted living facilities or nursing homes. Sometimes the home minister is the only contact these people have with the outside world that week. If you think this is something you would like to do, please call me at the office. We can then set a time to get together and help get you started in this very important, and as I said, very rewarding ministry.

Tony Kendzierski
Christian Service Coordinator