Is There a Silver Lining

We, in these United States, are going through something that before this, we’ve only read about or saw on TV. Something we have never before experienced in our own country. Sure, we’ve heard of pandemics happening in other countries, but not our own. This Coronavirus that has hit us is a dangerous, nasty virus, mainly because there is no vaccine for it yet. People who contract this virus have different reactions to it. Some don’t even know they are sick, (which is very dangerous because they could become carriers of the virus) others get very sick, some die. We all must do our part by staying home unless it is absolutely necessary that we go out, and then only for food, medicine, etc. Many of us are more than a little bewildered and probably a little scared because of all the unknowns.

St. Isidore, with the help of many of the staff, has gotten more than a little creative during this time of “sheltering at home.” Matt Kush, our Music Minister and Creative Director, has worked very hard to produce the Sunday Mass that we have available to us through our website. Also, several of our staff have shared their Lenten spiritual journey with the parish every day, Monday through Saturday. These short videos are very inspirational and informative. Fr. Ron shares his daily homilies on our home page and there are Spiritual Articles on the home page, as well as the connecting points being still available every week and, new on Facebook, our Faith Formation Community.

I am working from home and have called many of our parishioners over the age of seventy, as well as some of our volunteers, checking to make sure they are all right, have all they need, and have someone helping them. Some of the conversations I have had with the senior members of our parish is inspiring. They are jovial, so very happy that the parish is reaching out to them, thankful for their children, and/or neighbors who are watching out for them. Many have expressed their thanks for the Sunday Masses on line, the videos, have had questions that I was able to help them with, but most importantly, they do not feel alone and they are adjusting well and are all praying for a quick end to this horrible pandemic. 

So where is the Silver Lining? The Silver Lining is that we see Jesus Christ manifested in so many ways and in so many people. My daughter, a R.N, mother, wife, daughter-in-law, sister and many other hats she wears, takes the time to make sure that my wife and I have what we need and are well. The neighbor who checks in on their elderly neighbors to make sure that they are okay because they either have no family or their family is far away. The doctors, nurses, EMTs, the house cleaning staff at the hospitals, the first responders, fire-fighters, law enforcement, utility workers, the store clerks. The parish staff who come in, even though the parish is closed, to distribute food to those in need and baby supplies to moms, as well as answering the phones to field questions from concerned parishioners, and many others who are carrying out essential duties, putting themselves at risk, are all Jesus Christ ministering to his people. 


Heavenly Father,
we thank You that you sent your Son
among us to help us to be like Him to your people.
We ask that your Son, Jesus our Lord,
watch over all those who knowingly or unknowingly
are bringing hope and His love to those they care for.
Please bless and protect all those medical workers and first responders,
all who are working untiringly to serve You and your people.
Bless and guide our leaders
that they make right decisions, with Your help,
for Your people, the people they serve,
and quickly bring an end to this pandemic.

Tony Kendzierski
Christian Service Director